Coaching Council

Selectors & Selections

The panel for selection and the process by which selections are done for New Zealand representative teams are defined in our Bylaws and through additional policy generated by the Coaching Council.




601 National Selection Panels

a. National selection panels for specific teams or events shall be appointed by the Executive Board, pursuant to recommendations from the National Coaching Council.

b. National selection panels shall comprise a minimum of three and no more than 5 selectors.

c. In considering applications for appointment to a National Selection Panel, the National Coaching Council and the Executive Board shall take into account the following criteria:

  • Candidates should have relevant experience as a competitor or coach or referee in competition under WKF rules;
  • Candidates should be able to demonstrate understanding of the current requirements of international competition under WKF rules;
  • Candidates must be able to exercise mature judgment;
  • Where possible, and considering the necessary criteria for appointment, there should be a fair reflection of the geographic spread of karate in New Zealand;
  • The need to ensure that National Selectors are seen to be independent and impartial and free from any perception of bias or conflict of interest.
  • In principle, the Coach appointed for particular international events should be one of the selectors of the team for that event.

d. One of the selectors shall be confirmed by the Executive Board, on the recommendation of the National Coaching Council as convenor.

e. The national selectors shall select teams for national, international teams to compete at home or abroad for children’s, cadet, junior or senior divisions.

f. No Karate New Zealand member (including selectors) shall make known any details of selection; except the President or Secretary-General who shall be responsible for announcing any team or individual representatives.

g. The selectors shall advise the Secretary-General in writing of their selections. Competitors shall be nominated in order of merit, in order that reserves may be called on in the event of unavailability of the leading selection(s).

602 Selection Procedure and Criteria

a. The principle criteria for selection shall be the athlete’s most recent performances and placings in:

  • International tournaments
  • National Championships
  • NZ Open
  • Regional tournaments
  • National squad training

However, the final choice is the majority vote of the selection panel in determining the compatibility of the competitor with other team members, together with the selectors’ considered opinion of the competitor’s fitness level, whether he/she will peak for the tournament; whether the competitor’s technical skill level is sufficient for the stated event, whether the competitor’s level of control, mental application, attitude and fighting spirit would give them the ability to perform competitively at that particular competition, or any other relevant criteria as determined by the selectors.

b. In the event that the selectors consider a playoff necessary, they will request in writing to the Executive Board for trials to be staged. Permission to stage Trials shall only be given by the Executive Board

c. Selected competitors not complying with the reasonable requirements of the Team Officials and of these bylaws may be replaced by other selected competitors.

d. Any costs incurred by representative competitors shall be the personal responsibility of those competitors.

e. Team members shall remit all necessary funding to Karate New Zealand as required.

f. In the event of any dispute over selection criteria, the members in General Meeting will be the final arbiters.

g. If requested, the National Selection Panel concerned must given written reasons for selection decisions to the Executive Board.

h. If an athlete is dissatisfied with the reasons given they can appeal to the Executive Board whose decision, after appropriate investigation and discussion with the selectors, shall be final.