Governance Review

Invitation of ideas

At the September 2016 AGM, Karate NZ agreed to initiate a review of its objectives, governance structure, constitution and bylaws.  A working group is being formed and all Karate NZ members will be consulted during, and asked to approve the recommendations resulting from the review. 


The first stage is to gather any information that could assist the review. We therefore invite you to send any ideas you have that you would like the working group to consider.

Examples of topics you may wish to comment on include:

  1. What could Karate NZ do to help the public better understand, engage and access karate in New Zealand?
  2. What could Karate NZ do to better support karate students and competitors, and their families?
  3. What could Karate NZ do to better support the operation of individual dojos, clubs/academies, and associations; and the events they run?
  4. Are there other non-karate national entities who Karate NZ might try to learn from or emulate, in the way they operate and are governed?


Responses from the general public, Karate NZ members, and other karate organisations/members are welcomed. Note that though all will be considered, it is not our intention to give feedback on each individual response received. Please send your ideas direct to or via the Contact Form, no later than 30 September 2016. 



Scott MacKenzie
Chair – Governance Review Working Group