HP Working Party

The High Performance Working Party has been put together to spearhead a review of the Karate NZ High Performance implementation. There are two prime deliverables for this committee.

The High Performance Strategic Plan

The High Performance Operational Plan

The strategic plan provides a high level overview of our targets, and our intented pathways to achieve the targets. It is a requirement of High Performance Sport NZ (HPSNZ) and will meet the guidelines that they have set.

The operational plan goes into further detail and will recommend changes to the Karate NZ structure and process both at a National and Regional level. This will be a living document providing transparency and guidance to competitors, coaches, referees and selectors...etc.


Feedback and ideas on all aspects of High Performance within Karate NZ are more than welcome. Please do so on the Contact Form.

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Council Members

  • Image of Jason Ng

    Jason Ng

    Sensei Jason Ng - OKF Kumite Referee Grade A and OKF Kata Judge Grade A
  • Image of Thanasi Balaphas

    Thanasi Balaphas

    An accredited Referee, Thanasi works within the Otago Southland region to upskill local referees and judges.
  • Image of Andy Roosen

    Andy Roosen

    With a PhD in the bio mechanics of Karate, Andy provides expert knowledge on the High Performance Working Party
  • Image of Joe McGregor

    Joe McGregor

    Joe is currently the Chairperson for the Central North Island Council and a Coaches Council Member
  • Image of Christopher Bennett

    Christopher Bennett

    Board member since 2013 and been on the Coaching Council as well as a successful competitor.