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  • Image of Simon Merrick

    Simon Merrick

    WKF Kumite Referee A and Kata Judge A, OKF Referee Council Member, Club: Chidokan Karate NZ, Style: Shotokan
  • Image of Johnny Ling
    Council Member

    Johnny Ling

    WKF Kumite Referee A and Kata Judge A, OKF Ref Council Member, CKF Ref Council Member, Club: SSKA-NZ, Style: Shotokan/Shitoryu, Region: Auckland
  • Image of Grant Holland
    Council Member

    Grant Holland

    A World Karate Federation accredited referee, Grant currently works within Karate NZ on both the Referees Council, and the Auckland Northland Council.
  • Image of Thanasi Balaphas
    Council Member

    Thanasi Balaphas

    An accredited Referee, Thanasi works within the Otago Southland region to upskill local referees and judges.
  • Image of George Glausiuss
    Council Member

    George Glausiuss

    Treasurer for Karate New Zelaand, and Chairperson for the Canterbury Westland region.
  • Image of Dhamikka Ariyaratna
    Council Member

    Dhamikka Ariyaratna

    Dhamikka is a World Karate Federation accredited Judge, and works within the Auckland Region as a member of the regional council.
  • Image of Dave Harris
    Council Member

    Dave Harris

    New member on the Referees Council