Referees Council

Code of Behaviour


1.      Act honestly, and with the utmost integrity, showing neither unfair bias nor undue harshness to any competitor regardless of race, gender, age, style, region or country.

2.      Be consistent, objective and courteous to athletes, coaches and other officials, both on and off the competition area.

3.      Maintain objectivity in dealing with all athletes and ensure that no competitor receives an unfair advantage in any decision through personal relationship with the official.

4.      Ensure that behaviour is both decorous and sportsmanlike at all times while in official dress representing the Federation.

5.      Maintain a level of technical expertise sufficient to ensure accreditation appropriate to the position held within Karate New Zealand. Regularly attend clinics and seminars to ensure personal and professional development is maintained.

6.      Ensure that the competitors in his/her charge comply with the compulsory safety equipment standards and that the competition area is devoid of hazards.

7.      Ensure that in the case of junior competitors that any modified rules of competition are strictly adhered to.

8.      Support and encourage the ideal of good sportsmanship at all times.

9.      Endeavour to keep politics away from the competitors and spectators at all times.

10.    Do not become “unapproachable” to competitors, coaches, referees and spectators.