Dan Grade Council

The Technical Committee has multiple responsibilities within Karate NZ which require a high level of expertise in Karate. Each of the members of this committee have dedicated most of their lives to Karate.

There are two primary responsibilities for this Council. First is to provide a structure and process for members to gain official grades within Karate NZ. These grades can be homologated by the World Karate Federation (WKF) and we are therefore very strict on the grades given. This means that anyone can be sure of the standard of a Karate practicioner with a Karate New Zealand grade.

Secondly the Technical Council provides insight into the rules and regulations of competition. While Karate NZ tournaments are run using WKF rules, there are certain rules which are specific to Karate NZ as we believe they are more beneficial and correct for our country.

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Council Members

  • Image of Kevin Plaisted

    Kevin Plaisted

    Kevin has worked within Karate NZ for many years and a member of the Referees Council of Karate NZ.
  • Image of Hiroshi Fujimoto
    Council Member

    Hiroshi Fujimoto

    A current member of the Technical and Dan Grade Councils of Karate NZ, Hiroshi has decades of experience in Karate, specialising in Traditional Karate.
  • Image of David Bennett
    Council Member

    David Bennett

    A founding member of Karate NZ, David has previously been on the Board and Referees Council for Karate NZ.
  • Image of Jack Sims
    Council Member

    Jack Sims

    First President, and lifetime member of Karate NZ, Jack is now a member of the Dan Grade Council
  • Image of Dieter Steinegg
    Council Member

    Dieter Steinegg

    Sensei Dieter Steinegg is a member of the Dan Grade Council