Dan Grade Council

Application for KNZ Dan Upgrade

The Dan Grade Council of Karate New Zealand provides structure and process for members to gain official grades within Karate NZ. There are two methods of applying for an upgrade from Karate NZ. First is by examination, and second is by homologation of your style grade. In order to be eligible to sit an upgrade by examination you must fulfil the Dan Grade Requirements as set out in the document which can be downloaded below.

Additionally, those who have a Karate New Zealand grade, may apply for a World Karate Federation grade by homologation.

To apply for a Dan Upgrade, please fill out the appropriate form below and return either by post to PO Box 80062, Green Bay, Auckland. Or by email to admin@karatenz.org.nz.


Grading Process   Price
Homologation of Style Grade   $75.00
Examination for Shodan   $150.00
Examination for Nidan   $200.00
Examination for Sandan   $250.00
Examination for Yondan   $300.00
Examination for Godan   $350.00
WKF Homologation   $50.00 + WKF Fee




Application for KNZ Dan Upgrade By Examination

Application for KNZ Dan Upgrade By Homologation

Dan Grade Requirements