Senior Athlete Management Pool

In line with the High Performance plan and as mandated by the recently endorsed policy KNZCC2, Karate New Zealand have introduced the Senior Athlete Management Pool.

In our continued commitment to support athletes and exploring different ways in developing world level competitiveness within the country, we believe this pool will give the desired support to senior athletes creating access to new opportunities whilst requiring from the athletes dedication and commitment.

Current Members of the Senior Athlete Management Pool

  1. Andrea Anacan
  2. Barney Gill
  3. Sian Scott
  4. Angelo Anacan
  5. Alison Oliver
  6. Adriana Nicolaie
  7. Isaac Hoshi
  8. John McLachlan
  9. Elian Pagalilawan
  10. Brendon Running
  11. Shane Tregidga
  12. Suzanne Yee
  13. Sophie Savill (announced retirement)
  14. Amy Thomason
  15. Rebecca Watkin

This list was last updated on 30th May, 2017.  Application procedures to join the Senior Athlete Management Pool can be found here.


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Senior Athlete Management Pool
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