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On May 05, 2018
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Kata judging

Auckland and Central North Island - Kata and Kumite Seminar, Examination and Renewals

Who can participate: Only Auckland and Central North Island Regional Referees and Judges 

Date: 5th May 2018

Time: 2.30-6.00 pm 

Location: Auckland Netball Centre, 7 Allison Ferguson Dr, St Johns, Auckland


2.30 PM   Registration
3.00 PM   Kumite Theory presentation
4.00 PM   Kumite Theory presentation
4.30 PM   Kata Theory presentation
5.00 PM   Kata Theory presentation
5.30 PM   Kata Practical examination  - only  Judge B and above





KNZ Regional Judge C Accreditation 
Minimum requirement is 3rd kyu Brown Belt and aged 14 years.
Only have to sit for the Seminar and Theory examination.
Fees - $10

Dress - 
Seminar and Theory Exams - Referee's uniform
New candidates - Tracksuit              
Kata Practical exam - Karate dogi - only Judge B and above

Fees -
Seminar and Exams - $10 for Regional Judge C Kata and Kumite - only theory examinations           
Seminar and Exams - $40 for Regional Judge B and above - Kata and Kumite
Renewals - $20

Please see the attached documents for KNZRC Policy and Examination Applications .Please bring your application forms to the seminar.

For any reason for not participating for the seminar / examination or Championshop  - please email to KNZ Referees Council Secretary -

We welcome new judges!

Best regards,
Dhammika Ariyaratna
KNZ - RC Secretary
022 -1237726

KNZRC Examination Application 
KNZ Referees and Judges Application Form
KNZRC1 Referee and Judge Accreditation Policy V1.0