Auckland Classic

On March 10, 2019
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Tournament venue

Entries are now open for the first Auckland Region Karate Tournament for 2019 organised by Karate Auckland in association with Karate New Zealand.

Date: Sunday 10th March 2019

Time: 8.30 AM Start (8.00 AM for warm up) 5.30 PM approximate finish time.

Location: Auckland Netball Centre, 7 Allison Ferguson Drive, Stonefields, Auckland

This tournament has lots of great matches for everyone for a low Entry Fee. Great value and lots of competition to start the year off.

Entry Fees: Under 14 years $40, 14 years + $45 (2019 KNZ Registered Player discount $10)

All entries online via Sportsdata:

Please note that paper entries are no longer accepted.

In order to keep the costs down ad increase participation there will be no medals awarded at this tournament.

Internet Banking 03 0123 0328727 000  Please use competitors name as reference. 

Spectators: Gold coin donation

There will be no late entries accepted after Tuesday 5th March.

All competitors (Kumite and Kata) must wear a clean white Gi in good condition.


ALL KUMITE COMPETITORS MUST WEAR Mouth guards Chest protectors (WKF type) Red and blue belts and Red and blue hand mitts (matching the belt they are competing in)

Red and blue foot protectors which must match the belt colour EXCEPT in 13 years and under events where these can be red, blue or white AND do not have to match the belt colour. In this age group the equipment does not have to be WKF approved equipment (soccer or hockey shin guards are not acceptable) but they do need to provide padded protection and of an approved karate type.

Kumite competitors MAY wear their own Groin protectors (WKF type) Head protection—WKF face mask or other padded protection deemed acceptable by the tournament director. 

Further details from Tournament Director: Jason Ng (021 899 115). Email: