CNI Karate Championships 2019

On March 24, 2019
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CNI venue and teams line up

Central North Island Karate is proud to present the CNI Championships 2019

Date: 24th March 2019

8:15am Opening Address
8:30am First Events

Location: Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre, 71 Eleventh Ave, Tauranga, 3110

Entries and Entry Fees:
All entries are to be made via Sportdata. This event will be an OPEN event, meaning that non KNZ registered individuals may enter as long as their respective clubs ARE registered with KNZ. All entry fees are to be paid ONLINE prior to the cut-off date 14 March 2019. NO late entries will be accepted.
Development, Intermediate, Premier
Development: First time competitors or less than 1 year competing or 9yrs and under.
Intermediate: Less than 2 years competing.
Premier: More than 2 years competing.
The organising committee reserves the right to move competitors as and when necessary. Any
affected players will be notified of changes. If the organising committee finds that a player has purposefully entered in a lower Division, then that player may be denied entry. Age of entries will be the age at the date of the tournament.
Table Staff & Volunteers:
There will be a considerable entry fee discount of 50% for volunteers. All volunteers must be
registered through Sportdata as officials and then email the organising committee at
Once the required number of volunteers is reached this offer will be closed.
Referees and Judges:
ALL Referees and Judges must register their attendance through Sportdata.
We look forward to seeing you all there!

Joe McGregor
CNI Chairperson