Rest in peace Pat McGregor

Published on December 24, 2015
Posted in Executive Board | Dan Grade Council | Coaching Council | Canterbury Westland

Pat McGregor smiling in his club jacketIt is with great sadness I write to tell you of Sensei Pat's passing away. Unknown to most people Pat had an on-going battle with cancer for the last twenty years. He fought a brave fight and rarely let on what he was going through. He didn't tell anyone how he was feeling at the world Goju Ryu champs in Auckland a month ago because he didn't want to deflect from the success the New Zealand competitors, especially those from Jitsuei Kai, but he didn't look good and had lost 9 kilos. He courageously made it through the end of year grading even though he was in great discomfort and announced the karate ka of the year awards from a chair. He was admitted to hospital nine days ago and went downhill rapidly from there. He become unresponsive a couple of days ago and died peacefully in his sleep yesterday.

Pat's karate legacy is the Jitsuei Kai dojo he founded 35 years ago at the Christchurch YMCA. This was relocated to Tuam St 6 years ago and between the two venues he taught thousands of students. As you know his teaching style was firm, fair and fun and inspired great loyalty. This is no more evident than in the 5 sensei who have trained with him for years and who will carry on Jitsuei Kai Karate- Do. Sensei Dean, George, Gary, Sophie and Heather were not only Pat's students but life long friends and they are committed to ensuring his legacy lives on. Holiday classes and term starts are as per the December newslettera and the club will continue. The dojo will not be the same without Pat but we are fortunate he has left behind these committed and experienced Sensei to continue his work.

Leo Donnelly - President Karate NZ