Auckland & Northland Fitness Test

Published on November 20, 2017
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AKL & Northland Fitness Test

On 19 November, the Auckland & Northland Region successfully hosted their first compulsory fitness test as outlined in KNZCC2 and facilitated by the Olympic Solidarity National Athlete Programme.

I am happy to announce that this region now has 4 Fitness Test Facilitators: Leonard Kong, Duane Monk, Murray Burns and Sean Richardson. Congratulations!

Thanks to Leonard’s planning and our close cooperation in the days running up to the test, the day’s proceedings ran very smoothly.

Testing took place at the AMA Netball Centre in St John’s, Auckland and was attended by 27 junior and senior athletes of the senior premier athletes from the region.  All athletes duly presented themselves, completed the KNZ profile sheets, and gave consent to being photographed and videoed.

The following tests took place:

  • Yoyo test
  • McCloy Fitness Test
  • Hexagonal Obstacle TestT
  • Drill Test
  • Sargent Jump Test
  • RAST

All athletes were briefed and each test was explained to them in detail. The protocol took approximately 3 hours to run with 27 athletes, thanks to the excellent team work of the Facilitators and the help of a number of greatly appreciated volunteers.

The following athletes took part:

  • Alex Markham
  • Alison Oliver
  • Amariah Gumbeze
  • Amy Thomason
  • Barney Gill
  • Brendon Running
  • Caitlin Ahlers
  • Chad Evans
  • Chiemu Iioka
  • Connor Ashdown
  • Edwine Clayton
  • Haruka Awajima
  • Ivan Siau
  • Jodie Batt
  • Kostya Kechin
  • Lauren Parsons
  • Luca Keltie
  • Marina Monk
  • Nick Rowsby
  • Nicky Roberts
  • Nina Edgar
  • Olivia Crum
  • Reid Edmond
  • Reilly Polaschek
  • Shane Tregida
  • Teuarangi Tana
  • Yvette Hendrikse  

Over the next two weekends, tests will also take place in Wellington and Tauranga. 

Yours in Karate,
Andy Roosen
Coaching Council Chair and National Coordinator

AKL Fitness test