Lower North Island Fitness Test

Published on November 26, 2017
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Fitness test photos

On 26 November 2017, it was the Lower North Island’s turn to host their first compulsory Fitness Test as outlined in KNZCC2 and facilitated by the Olympic Solidarity National Athlete Programme. We were all greeted by a sunny Wellington morning, which allowed a large part of the test to take place outdoors.

I am happy to announce that this region now has 3 Fitness Test Facilitators: Adrian Tong, Gregor McLachlan and Phil Richardson. Congratulations! 
A special thank you to Sean Richardson, who recently became a facilitator in Auckland and came down to help for the day, and to Kylie Richardson for her help with the data processing.

Testing took place at South Wellington Intermediate School, Wellingtonland and was attended by 13 junior and senior athletes of the senior premier athletes from the region.  All athletes duly presented themselves, completed the KNZ profile sheets, and gave consent to being photographed and filmed.

The following tests took place:

  • Yoyo test
  • McCloy Fitness Test
  • Hexagonal Obstacle Test
  • T Drill Test
  • Sargent Jump Test
  • RAST

All athletes were briefed and each test was explained to them in detail. The protocol took approximately 2 hours to run with 13 athletes, thanks to the excellent team work of the Facilitators and the help of a number of greatly appreciated volunteers.

The following athletes took part:

  • Alex Youlden
  • Anton Pagalilawan
  • Brayden Bryce
  • Callum Kennedy
  • Elian Pagalilawan
  • Erika Elers
  • Grace Sparks
  • Karl Pratchett
  • Kylie Joe
  • Lachlan Gardner
  • Suzanne Yee
  • Wade Bennett
  • Waldo Dryer

Athletes being measured